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Fan Fiction
An illustration by Fornarina for
"The Great Ewok Adventure"

Piett's Empire: From Admiral to Emperor
Finally our Admiral gets the saga he deserves!
Part I: Endor
Part II: Admiral
Part III: Warrior
Part IV: Foreigner
Part V: Emperor
Book II Teaser

Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure! (link)
This is a magnificent epic, written by Monika E. Simon for the SWLG (Star Wars Literary Guild). It's terrific stuff! Piett's a hero, and is good at climbing trees! There's a friendship with Needa, (who obviously survived his “apology” to Lord Vader) a romance with Rebel leader Mon Mothma, and those horrid little Ewoks finally get what they've got coming to them!


A Lifetime of Memories
Emotionally intense story about the fate of a girl Piett once loved.

A Moment of Understanding
"Immediately following the end of The Empire Strikes Back, Admiral Piett gains insight as to why Darth Vader is as ruthless and driven as he is." This is mostly about Vader, from a 'scared guy' Piett's point of view.

Adventures of Darth Vader
'Scared guy' Piett again, but interesting enough to read; with yet another Mon Mothma romance that makes us smile.

Alternate Universe
Piett has good appearances in the following alternate universe stories at FernWithy's site: Lady Vader, Playing Politics and Imperial Entanglements, and Outer Rim.

Force of Destiny and The Art of War
Two huge, interesting alternate universe stories with all your favorite non-dead Imps switching sides.

An Analysis Regarding the Odds of Surviving a Head-On Collision with an A-wing
Kim Van Deun presents conclusive proof of Piett's survival!

Rosemary for Remembrance
A female TIE pilot's career becomes more interesting after she meets Admiral Piett.

Glory For All
This General Veers story is here because there's a female Imperial Lieutenant character that remembers Admiral Piett after his death. We like that.

The Chandrilla Trilogy
A lengthy, three-volume saga in which Piett has a smaller role as the husband of the main character. The story seems to have disappeared from the internet! If you know where it can be found, please contact us!

Fiction for Adults Only


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