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Fanfic Collection
Filling a need. We just can't get enough of this guy.

Ken Colley pronounces "Firmus!"
Lucasfilm finally gave Piett the first name of "Firmus." We still like 'Andries' better, but after listening to Ken Colley, the actor who portrayed Admiral Piett, pronouncing the name "Firmus," we might just change our minds. Read Blitzen's account of how she got Ken Colley to send her a sound recording. You can even hear a .wav file of the tape…and view the postcard from him!

How Tall Is He?
The official character databank of Piett at starwars.com has got his height wrong. They listed the Admiral as being at least 10cm too short! We’ve got photographic proof of their mistake!


The Cult of Piett
The official Admiral Piett fansite, with lots of pictures, articles, and all of the good Admiral’s lines in .wav files!

Fornarina's romantic rendering of Piett with his sweetheart, under an umbrella, saying farewell before the Admiral leaves with the Imperial Fleet.
Kenneth Colley Picture Collection
Here's Krista's vast collection of lovely screencaps, all the best shots from all his movies!

Blitzen's Kenneth Colley Fanpage
Not exactly Star Wars, but all Ken Colley! Pictures and sound files.

TheForce.net's Casting Call
Which actor might play a younger Piett?

Kenneth Colley IMDB filmography page


What's this? Piett and Mon Motha sitting in a tree...k-i-s-s-i-n-g! By Ilustrator Murasaki99

Star Wars Technical Commentaries: Executor
All kinds of info on the Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts or Imperial Command Ships, sometimes referred to as “Super Star Destroyers.”

Interior of the Executor
Here are the CCG cards with various views of Executor's interior.

The Wikipedia Page
Which still has the height wrong, but does have lots of useful information.

The Piett Action Figure
With some cool dioramas.

Brassed Off Trailer
Here is the trailer for Brassed Off (which Ken Colley stars in.)

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