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“Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen…”
Emperor Palpatine…in regards to just about everything.

Here he is…the Imperial Big Cheese…the man who founded the Galactic Empire. Don’t let his frail, wizened exterior fool you. Emperor Palpatine is powerful…very powerful. Get to know His Excellency better by checking out the magnificent Palpatine/Sidious Shrine, which has lots of info, insight, essays, and pictures of the Sith Lord who bent the galaxy far, far away to his Force-sensitive will.

Frankly, we can’t do any better than the Palpatine/Sideous Shrine. Just let us know if this site should suddenly disappear. Our Illustrious Emperor has been known to have any personal information that could be used against him by his enemies erased.

There was a Sidious / Palpatine Estrogen Brigade once. You can still read the stories in the fanfic archive.


Like Flames of Gold
Director Isard exchanges Valentines with Emperor Palpatine.

Fiction for Adults Only

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