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“I shall assume full responsibility for losing them, and apologize to Lord Vader.”
Captain Lorth Needa

Known to those who served under him as an exacting, but fair leader, Captain Lorth Needa commanded the Star Destroyer Avenger, part of the elite Death Squadron Fleet that scoured the galaxy in search of the Rebel Alliance’s hidden base of operations.

Needa’s keen sense of responsibility to his crew was in evidence shortly after the Battle of Hoth when the Avenger failed to capture a fleeing Rebel ship, thus disappointing the Death Squadron Overlord Darth Vader.

Calling for a shuttle, Captain Needa left the Avenger's bridge to convey his personal accountability for the Rebel’s escape…with the clear understanding that he would most likely not be returning anytime soon.

Actor Michael Culver portrayed Captain Needa in the film The Empire Strikes Back.


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