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Here’s another Imperial mystery man in desperate need of a first name…not to mention a little more creative fleshing out of his character. His card bio states he is the political officer in charge of security aboard the Executor. Lt. Suba disagrees with Darth Vader about what to do with Rebel terrorist Luke Skywalker, but then he’s probably not privy to the Dark Lord’s secretive parental instincts.

Speaking of families, the good Lieutenant must have one…a mother…a father…maybe even a wife or sweetheart. He has a small part in our Angel of the 501st story, but alas, in that tale he’s still missing a first name…and has his heart broken because the girl he likes goes for General Veers.

We think Lt. Suba deserves a first name…and a happier ending in a story of his own.

Fan fiction with alternate names, histories, and happenings for men like Lt. Suba is a specialty here at Imperial Chicks. If you’re up for this creative writing challenge…or know someone who is…check out our submission guidelines for more info, and then send us a story.

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