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Just ignore the Rebel propaganda claiming the Empire is anti-women. Hah! As if Rebel terrorist Princess Leia didn’t have an exclusive when it came to being surrounded by an all male cast. (That Rebel chick in The Empire Strikes Back who spouted: “Stand by ion control…fire” doesn’t count.) As for Alliance leader Mon Mothma, she didn’t appear until near the end of Return of the Jedi, so there!

The truth of the matter is: Imperial men adore Imperial women…and have been known to serve with and/or take orders from them. Our men also have Imperial mothers, wives, daughters, and sweethearts they are protecting from those wretched hives of Rebel scum and criminal villainy, but we digress.

Where were we? Oh, yes, Imperial women! We got 'em right here:


Imperial Women
A great website about Madame Director Isard, Admiral Daala, Moff Tavira, and other Imperial women. Our website is called Imperial Chicks, but it's mostly about the MEN. This site is what it says it is!

The Knight Hammer
Home of Admiral Daala.


Like Flames of Gold
Madame Director Ysanne Isard exchanges Valentines with Emperor Palpatine.

A Not So Ordinary Day
A story about a visit from Ysanne Isard's father Armand when she was a young girl in the waning days of the Republic.

Go to our Fan Art section to see Siduri's cool photomanips of the Isards!

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