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Yes, Boba Fett's an Imperial! Well, he was for a moment in the film The Empire Strikes Back, anyway. Here's what he really looks like without his helmet!

To clear up any possible confusion…this has nothing to do with the official Boba Fett character in the movie. The actor who portrayed Boba Fett in the Original Trilogy was Jeremy Bulloch. In the autographed photo above, he appears as an Imperial officer named Lt. Shekel in a small, but important part…and thus we are able to get a glimpse of his handsome face.

But what’s with Lt. Shekel’s bare hands? Imperial officers usually wear standard issue black leather gloves. Unless, of course, they need to hold on to a slippery character like Rebel terrorist Princess Leia!

Check out this interview with Jeremy Bulloch a.k.a. Boba Fett a.k.a. Lt. Shekel a.k.a. Captain Colton (Wow, this guy really gets around in the GFFA!) here.

Lt. Shekel has a first name and a speaking role as Piett's aide-de-camp in our Angel of the 501st story.

NOTE: Blitzen saved this photo long ago from somewhere on the internet, so if you happen to know whose it is, please contact her so she can formally ask their permission to use it. :-)

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