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“Holding her is dangerous. If word of this gets out, it could generate sympathy for the Rebellion in the senate.” Lt. Daine Jir to Darth Vader regarding Rebel terrorist Leia Organa.

It’s very clear that Lieutenant Daine Jir has no fear of speaking his mind to Darth Vader. We Imperial Chicks always wondered why. According to show notes, the actor who played Lt. Daine Jir in the film Star Wars, A New Hope… was Al Lampert. If you have any information regarding Lampert's career and where he is now, please contact us!

Below are two well written stories about this gutsy Imperial, giving us an excellent insight into his boldness around the Dark Lord. Enjoy!

Fan Fiction:

Promise and Potential (link) by Murasaki99.
Lord Vader won't admit it, but having Force-sensitive aides like young stormtrooper Lieutenant Daine Jir around is both advantageous and soothing. Then the thought crosses his mind: what if they could be made stronger in the Force? The Sith Lord isn't about to let little things like medical ethics get in the way of useful experimentation.

Wreckage and Rescue (link) by Murasaki99.
The sequel to Promise and Potential. For years, Commander Daine Jir has had an 'interesting' job as Lord Vader's faithful aide-de-camp. Now things are getting downright out of hand as he finds himself marooned in a broken fragment of Lord Vader's flagship, the Executor, after the battle of Endor. To make matters worse, he seems to have picked up a ghostly 'helper'.

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