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“We've analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by?”
Chief Moradmin Bast to Grand Moff Tarkin…shortly before the Death Star’s destruction.

If only Tarkin had listened to the perceptive advice of Chief Moradmin Bast…who obviously took his own initiative and had an escape ship readied for himself. At least that’s what might have happened according to an intriguing feature about Death Star survivors at theforce.net.

Unfortunately, there are still Imperial citizens who have fallen for the Rebel propaganda that the brilliant Chief Moradmin Bast did not survive the Death Star tragedy. Even employees within Lucasfilm are confused as to whether or not Tarkin's canny advisor perished during the Battle of Yavin IV.

An issue of Star Wars Insider magazine (#96) has Lucasfilm's canon expert Leland Chee confirming that the character of Chief Bast was a casualty of the aforementioned battle after being shown a brief film clip from A New Hope, wherein Bast is seen with Tarkin shortly before the Death Star went boom.

All we Imperial chicks can surmise from Mr. Chee's reasoning is thus: If a Rebel snowspeeder pilot nicknamed Hobbie survived a head-on crash into an Imperial AT-AT during The Empire Strikes Back, what's to prevent a resourceful and cunning Imperial officer like Moradmin from making a miraculous, last minute (second?) escape from certain death? In our best Yoda impression: "Hmmmm?"

While wishful thinking by Bast fan girls may not be enough to make Mr. Chee rethink the entire SWEU situation, Chief Bast was clearly alive after Yavin IV according to the package back of Hasbro's Death Star Briefing Room action figure set. Imp Chick Gia Octavia noted that the written bio (vetted by someone at Lucas Licensing!) for Chief Bast reads:

"Personal assistant to Grand Moff Tarkin aboard the Death Star, Bast shares Tagge's opinion that the Rebellion is more powerful than many Imperials believe. He is one of very few Imperial officers to successfully evacuate from the Death Star before its destruction."

Despite what some Star Wars (ie: pro-Rebel) fans may claim, it really was Chief Moradmin Bast, played by actor Leslie Shofield, (not his twin, or a look alike, according to a lame explanation for the discrepancy in Bast's Wookiepedia entry) striding along side Lord Vader during the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special - a production that depicted Imperials in a most unflattering fashion...literally.

Sigh. No matter which way the canon holocron blows, in our heart of hearts, we Imp Chicks know that our beloved Bast Lives!

Info from theforce.net about Death Star Survivors Chief Bast, General Tagge, and General Veers, that also includes a large scan of the Bast game card.

The part of Chief Bast was portrayed by actor Leslie Schofield.

We’d love some fanfic featuring the shrewd Imperial Chief Bast! His card bio claims he is cunning and hunts big game. Your story doesn’t have to be romantic or mushy...although that would be nice! We Imperial Chicks like guy type fiction, too, especially if it has our Imperial men being manly in it!

Chief Bast has a small, but interesting role in our Angel of the 501st story. The author gave Bast the first name of Aaron (before Moradmin became canon) and has him getting together with General Veers and Baron General Tagge for a yearly hunt to celebrate their good fortune of not being blown to bits by Rebel terrorists during the Battle of Yavin IV.

NEW FICTION UPDATE: An answer to our plea...a thoroughly romantic (and exciting!) Bast tale, entitled Refugees...written by ChristineX of fanfiction.net. The story has our intrepid Imperial Moradmin Bast narrowly escaping the Death Star's destruction...with an unpredictable Rebel prisoner in tow. Do check it out!

Disclaimer: This Star Wars fan site is not in any way, shape, or form connected with or approved by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees. (Hello…the Imps are the “good guys” here…that should give you a clue.) All Star Wars images and characters belong to the Maker George Lucas. We’re not making any money. It's just for fun. George, please don't sue us. If something shouldn't be here…just let us know…and we’ll remove it.
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