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Fan Fiction:

Wounds of Another Kind
What happens when Princess Leia tries to recruit General Veers to her cause.

Traitor and Rebellion
What of lesser-known Imperials who served the Empire with just as much loyalty? This is a story of General Veers, the Commander of the Imperial Army aboard the Executor, who may be less prominent, but no less memorable.

Tragic story about the loss of General Veers' son during the Battle of Hoth.

Fanart by Cmdr. Gabe E.!
Click pictures to find larger versions at her website.

Angel of the 501st
Set shortly before ESB, "Angel of the 501st" tells the story of Imperial General Maximilian Veers and his rebellious (literally) son Zevulon as seen through the eyes of Lady Meena Valorian, a loyal Imperial citizen and Force-sensitive healer.

Tales of the Galactic Empire - Survivor
This is the story of one man's survival on a dangerous and enemy occupied planet. Stranded on the fourth moon of Yavin shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Colonel Maximilian Veers must survive the harsh jungle and avoid capture by the fleeing Rebel Alliance. Can he survive and stay free until the Imperial Fleet arrives?

Glory For All
After ROTJ, the battle-scarred remnants of the Imperial Navy watch in horror as the New Republic reclaims worlds once under the protection of the Empire. In the ranks of the Empire, there are those who want nothing less than to seize Imperial glory for themselves. General Veers, the professional soldier and consummate tactician, must struggle to preserve what countless stormtroopers and pilots died to forge -- an Empire that stood for order. This is his story ... and that of the Empire’s surviving rank-and-file.

Fornarina's View of General Veers
Character Sketch Why Veers is respected and loved by his compatriots.
The Deserter General Veers deals with a misguided young soldier.

A Traitor's Final Hour
"Another short scene in response to a writer's challenge at the TF.N JC Writer's Resource Forum...this one is about writing a character's death." General Veers faces a traumatic test of faith.

Fornarina's formal portrait of General Veers, in his dress uniform, for the story A Traitor's Final Hour.
Fanart by MGA of a younger Max Veers.

Vader's Folly
Darth Vader comes to a planet where there is a frightening new presence. General Veers has a cool supporting role.

On his honeymoon, General Veers receives word from his son Zevulon...who has defected to the Rebel Alliance! More than one tragedy ensues in this short, tightly-written story.

Fiction for Adults Only

Et Cetera:

Veers Sound Files of Lines
All of the General's best lines!

TheForce.net's Casting Call
Who should play a younger Veers?

General Veers Action Figure Review
What it says.

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