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"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" Rebel terrorist Princess Leia to her height-challenged rescuer...clad in TK-421's stolen armor.

Yes, real stormtroopers are tall, mostly silent, and *probably* gorgeous. If only we knew! As one stormie admirer put it: "At the very least, you have to have a good body to pull off spandex and plasteel."

The only stormtrooper whose name was mentioned in the Star Wars films!

TK-421's Undies Mailing List Archive
The TK-421's Undies Mailing List is gone, but it was fun while it lasted. Here is a partial archive.

Their official page at starwars.com.

Imperial Girl
Fun lyrics set to the tune of Madonna's "Material Girl". What a great video that would make!

Fighting for Peace, Order...and the Imperial Way!
Ever wonder what it's like being a member of the 501st Legion? Meet Tony Piccolo a.k.a. TK-8702, Events Coordinator for Garrison Carida. This trooper works his Imperial tail off scheduling public appearences and charity events to ensure that he and his fellow 501sters have fun while helping others in need.

Cossen's Planet
Lift a pint of Tryax Ale, the beer of the Imperium, and join in singing (okay, reciting since we don't know the melody) this wonderful stormtrooper ballad, composed by Karen Winter. It was originally sung by Clone War troopers, but the tradition lives on in the barracks and watering holes of the Empire's finest!

Confessions of a Star Wars Bad Guy
In a touching memoir, Rob Graham admits he enjoyed playing a stormtrooper as a kid...and enjoys it even more as a big kid. With a great big thank you at the end for the men and women of the 501st Legion.

Fan Fiction:

A Clone in the Dark
Set 11 years before the Battle of Yavin, a squad of seasoned stormtroopers get more than they bargained for during a routine excursion to the mines of Af'El. Written by Keith Kappel, with an illustration by Christopher Chaisson and Ryan Brooks; all of whom hail from the incredible Star Wars Fandom Comics website that features high quality Star Wars fan fiction and artwork.

NOTE: We need more stormtrooper fanfics! Got any? Know of any? Don’t let our men in shining white armor be forgot! Send some stories our way!

No, sadly, the blinking bar above is not a link, because the Bucketheads site is now kaputt. Waah! It had a calendar of partially-clad stormtroopers (left) from which we saved some of the pages, but not all. The site also had a great test to see "Which Imperial Are You?" (Why, oh, why do all the coolest sites have to die?)

After spending a moment of silence for the dearly departed Bucketheads site, go and feast your eyes on some hot Imperial banthacake that once graced its pages.


Imperial Guards

Crimson Empire Cover Gallery
Imperial Guards are dangerous, mysterious…and hot! Don’t take our word for it. Check out the fantastic covers of Dark Horse Comics’ popular Crimson Empire series and see for yourself!

Imperial Royal Guard
Their page on the official Star Wars website.

Imperial Royal Guard at Galactic Voyage
A page with basic information about the Royal Guards.

Men in Red
Pictures and links. Check out that uniform! There's something hot and mysterious about guys who wear masked helmets and flowing capes. One is always wondering what's underneath!

The 501st Legion

Also known as "Vader's Fist". Do check out the site of this amazing costume organization whose courageous defense of all things Imperial, their professionalism and charitable contributions eventually begot the notice and blessings of the Maker himself - George Lucas!

Fan Fiction:

Shortly after Palpatine is crowned Emperor, a handmaiden from Naboo becomes intrigued and fascinated by one of the Emperor's mysterious royal guards. Short, sweet, and well-written.

Robes of Regret
A dying Imperial Guard tells his story. An interesting personal tragedy, not complimentary to either side. **We are missing the author's email address. Please contact us if you know what it is!**

Dolce Domum (link)
Imperial Guard Kir Kanos is the last of his kind - or so he thought. After surviving a raft of harrowing adventures, including executing Carnor Jax and other traitors on the Imperial Council, he discovers an Imperial cloning facility tasked with creating a new generation of guardsmen. Knowing the Vong plan to invade the galaxy, Kir resolves to liberate the clones, only they aren't quite what he expected.

Crimson Legends (link)
Imperial Guard Kir Kanos is trying to avenge the death of his Emperor. He didn't plan on the kitsune getting in his way.

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