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Grand Admiral Thrawn with an Ysalamiri, by Melissa A. Hitchcock

Fan Fiction:

So Artfully Done (ff.n)
Short sketch of what would have happened “if” …or, in the author’s opinion, how things should have gone at the end of the Thrawn Trilogy!

Hitchhiker (ff.n)
Twelve years before ANH, Lieutenant Thrawn, one of the very few aliens serving within the Imperial Fleet, is recently rescued from exile on an empty planet; and has to make his way up through the ranks to prove himself to the Empire, not to mention First Officer Piett and visiting HoloNet star Wynssa Starflare.

The Life Leech
A resurgent Empire is on the verge of victory over the New Republic when Grand Admiral Thrawn suddenly shows signs of illness. To the worry of the officers who serve under him, there is no satisfactory explanation beyond 'stress'.



A young Thrawn, drawn by artist Dave Seeley for the Timothy Zahn novel Outbound Flight.


Favors (ff.n)
To help Thrawn deal with an unwanted betrothal his family arranged for him fifteen years previous, a young female officer aboard the Adominator is asked to pose as his wife. She accompanies him on a trip and romantic entanglements ensue. Rated PG-13.

Clash of Fates and Part Two (ff.n)
While the Battle of Endor draws near, another confrontation just as crucial to the future of the
galaxy is taking place. Grand Admiral Thrawn and a Yuuzhan Vong exploratory force have become aware of one another. A war for control of the Unknown Regions has begun. Thrawn and the Executor wage this war in their own way, but it will be a lone Jedi Knight, a psychotic TIE fighter pilot, and an innocent native of a conquered planet who will decide the final outcome.

Blue Man On Campus
A funny ficlet that has a former high school classmate reminiscing about a certain famous Imperial Chiss.

Fiction for Adults Only

The Force.net’s Casting Call
Who might play a younger Thrawn?

Starwars.com has a picture of an Ysalamiri!

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