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“You want fairness? Organize a shockball tournament.” Admiral Gilad Pellaeon

With a naval career spanning well over fifty years, Admiral Gilad Pellaeon served ably in both the Old Republic and New Order Fleets, eventually earning himself the rank of Grand Admiral.

After nearly two decades of Galactic Civil War, the New Republic sued for peace with the Empire; and Pellaeon was present at Bastion for the treaty signing…that became known as the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty.

While some Imperials question the Grand Admiral’s past military decisions, none can deny his popularity with the majority of citizenry who affectionately call him their “Old Man of the Empire.”

Pellaeon was a character created and introduced into a Star Wars Expanded Universe book trilogy by author Timothy Zahn. Star Wars fans voted for actor Sir Derek Jacobi to portray Gilad Pellaeon in an internet poll.


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