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WAV: "I shall assume full responsibility for losing them, and apologize to Lord Vader."

Fan Fiction:

Anyone who has seen The Empire Strikes Back knows the fate of the unfortunate Captain Needa, who found and then lost Vader's quarry, the Millenium Falcon. This is the same scene retold through different eyes and from a very different point of view.

Here's a picture of the beginning of the end.

Sometimes You Can't Plan Ahead
Romantic! The author says: "I thought it was time for my darling Captain Needa to take the spotlight in a fic. There's already craploads of Luke, Leia, and Han Solo stuff out there."

The Journey
Captain Needa prepares to deliver his famous apology.

The Destination
Captain Needa changes, and meets, his destiny.

Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure
Captain Needa survives his “apology” to Lord Vader to have an interesting role in this story.

Escape to Executor
Captain Needa escapes from an Alliance interrogation center and commandeers a shuttle, using Rebel leader Mon Mothma as his hostage.

Fiction for Adults Only

The Official Page
Captain Needa’s official page at starwars.com

TheForce.net's Casting Call
Who might play a younger Needa?

Star Wars Spoof
A funny flash cartoon that shows how Needa’s apology to Darth Vader *should* have gone!

Actor Michael Culver:

Pictures of Michael Culver as Major Brandt from the BBC TV Series Secret Army.

Some screencaps Megbo took from her copy of The Musgrave Ritual:
1. The Musgrave Ritual (L to R) Michael Culver, Jeremy Brett, Edward Hardwicke
2. Michael Culver looking very dapper in late Victorian evening wear.
3. Sir Reginald Musgrave

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