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“Don’t try to frighten us with your sorcerer’s ways, Lord Vader. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Rebel’s hidden base…Ahhhhh.” Admiral Conan Antonio Motti

Yes, Admiral Motti was that Imperial officer whose courage…or lack of faith in the Force…caused him to confront a very disturbed Darth Vader. If it weren’t for Grand Moff Tarkin’s intervention, Motti might not have made it to the Death Star’s moment of triumph. Sigh. Well, maybe we ought to skip that part and try to look on the bright side. (Exploding Death Stars notwithstanding.) Without Admiral Motti, we would never have known about Lord Vader’s propensity to use that wickedly cool Force choke!

Richard LeParmentier's NEW Admiral Motti Website
Check out the NEW, revamped Admiral Motti website with lots of pictures, screen caps, multimedia, fanfiction, and interviews with actor Richard LeParmentier who explains how he first gave audiences a lasting look at the power of the Force.

Admiral Motti at starwars.com
Lucasfilm's official page for Admiral Motti.

Admiral Motti at Answers.com
Answers.com claims Admiral Motti’s first name is Romodi. The Lucasfilm site is silent on the subject. If it’s not Romodi, then he needs an official first name. It’s so unfair! Even that Rebel terrorist/pilot Wedge Antilles was given a first name in Episode IV, A New Hope. Clearly Admiral Motti outranked Wedge and had way more dialog. Is this another sign of bias against our beloved Imperials? We should start a petition!

UPDATE: A letter, requesting that the good Admiral be given a proper first name was sent to the good people at Lucasfilm. Read our plea here. We await a reply with bated breath!

UPDATE:Admiral Motti has not only a new first, but also a new middle name of "Conan Antonio." Check out our What's New page for the details!

Here's a funny cartoon!

Fan Fiction:

Quintus Motti has risen swiftly through the ranks of the Imperial Navy, partly due to his Core family connections, and partly because of his willingness to exploit a given situation. The playboy in Motti is not keen on settling down with any one woman, least of all an arranged marriage by his parents with a girl he hasn't seen since she was a child of eight. As his impending engagement looms, Motti pursues a mysterious young lady he meets at a party. Rated PG-13.

Mutually Beneficial
A tragic recollection of Admiral Motti after his death as told by an Imperial Courtesan who had been sent to collect information on the Death Star, but wound up falling in love with him.

Angel of the 501st
The doomed Admiral Motti lives on in the memories of his older brother Spence and his sister Alyce of the noble House Motti in this ongoing Imperial saga.

Fiction for Adults Only

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