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"Fire at will, Commander."

... Down in the bowels of the Death Star, Commander Jerjerrod gave an order. It was with mixed feelings that he issued the command, because it meant the final destruction of the Rebel insurrectionists--which meant an end to the state of war, which Jerjerrod cherished above all things. But second to ongoing war itself Jerjerrod loved total annihilation; so while tempered with regret, this order was not entirely without thrill.

At Jerjerrod's instruction, a controller pulled a switch, which ignited a blinking panel. Two hooded Imperial soldiers pushed a series of buttons. A thick beam of light slowly pulsed from a long, heavily blockaded shaft. On the outer surface of the completed half of the Death Star, a giant laser dish began to glow.

(Return of the Jedi novelization, written by James Kahn)

We Will Be Together Till the End of Time
An unusual, romantic story that features Moff Jerjerrod as the object of a female killer-android's desire. Her devotion works to his benefit as the Death Star's fiery fate approaches.

Inari's Theory
Inari has a theory regarding Jerjerrod's origins!

Jerjerrod at StarWars.com
Jerjerrod's official page at starwars.com

Death Star Song
A silly song about working on the Death Star.

A portrait by Fornarina of Moff Jerjerrod’s female android admirer from her fanfic “We Will be Together Until the End of Time.”

Noooo! Say it ain’t so! Dr. Sky Tower has some interesting opinions to share about Moff Jerjerrod and the much maligned PT character Jar Jar Binks. (Don’t you fret…Jerjerrod does the right thing!)

Last Flight
Here’s a story that we’re willing to bet is just Rebel propaganda!

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