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“Great men never hurry; great men cause others to hurry.” Moff Jerjerrod

Efficient, yet unassuming around his more flamboyant political colleagues, Moff Jerjerrod governed the Quanta Sector with an iron hand; and was chosen to secretly oversee construction of the second Death Star.

Jerjerrod made good on his promise to Lord Vader that he and his men would “double their efforts” so that the battle station would be fully operational in time for a surprise visit from the Emperor...and the Rebel Fleet.

Sadly, all his hard work on the weapons project was for naught…Moff Jerjerrod was presumed lost along with the entire Death Star entourage in an unfortunate explosion above the moon of Endor.

Actor Michael Pennington portrayed Moff Jerjerrod in the film Return of the Jedi.


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