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"I switched sides early on during 'The Empire Strikes Back.' It was the fleet that did it. And that music. There was a brief chill. And I went over." --Michael Puttre

Official Admiral Motti Web Site
A site for the most recognizable officer in the Imperial Fleet! Star Wars fans will never forget Admiral Motti, portrayed by actor/writer Richard LaParmentier, whose sneering challenge to Lord Vader aboard the Death Star first gave audiences a glimpse of the Dark Side! Lots of cool info, interviews, and visuals. Check it out!

Official Dave Prouse Web Site
Lots of interesting stuff, screencaps, interviews, and memories of the guy who donned the original black mask and cape while portraying the most famous film villain of all time...Darth Vader! Highly recommended.

Bast Castle / Darth Vader Estrogen Brigade
While the Dark Lord of the Sith commands the Imperial Fleet, this is not a Darth Vader site. You can find the Vader stories (Rated G thru NC-17) at the link above.

Imperial Fiction
Fanfiction.net (ff.net) has a well maintained list of Imperial stories. (NOTE: Read with caution; not all of these tales are pro-Imperial.)

Sith Chicks
Star Wars tales (Rated G thru NC-17) of all characters, both light and dark.

Hot Bad Guys
This website is NOT very Imperial, (although they do list the actors who portrayed Emperor Palpatine, Anakin Skywalker, and Darth Vader’s voice as part of their repertoire) but it’s very much "our cup of tea." We like plenty of other actors on their roster of Hot Bad Guys, too!

Galactic Empire Databank
An amazing site! Let Emperor Palpatine and his loyal servant Commander Savcos guide you through important elements pertaining to the Empire, with special sections on the Imperial Armed Forces.

501st Legion – Vader’s Fist!
The 501st is THE definitive Imperial costuming organization that specializes in appearances and volunteer charity work. Authentic-looking stormtroopers, officers, TIE pilots, and more…whose “tours of duty” help restore Imperial glory…while wiping out the popular misconception of the Empire being comprised entirely of “bad guys.”

Writers Links

Abandonware: Keynote
Fanfic Authors: How about some outlining software to help get your ideas organized? We found this cool abandonware program called Keynote. Get it here or read reviews at download.com. See a screencap Blitzen made, using those tabs and notes as an example. It's completely customizable, works the way you would expect it to…and uses passwords should you feel compelled to write something naughty.

Star Wars Terminology
Need some authentic Star Wars lingo for your story? Look no further! Check out these links from the Star Wars Tales ezboards!
Star Wars slang : Star Wars swear words : Star Wars food and beverages

Star Wars Technical Commentaries
Hosted by theforce.net website, this is THE reference source for all kinds of useful information relating to the galaxy far, far away.

Disclaimer: This Star Wars fan site is not in any way, shape, or form connected with or approved by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees. (Hello…the Imps are the “good guys” here…that should give you a clue.) All Star Wars images and characters belong to the Maker George Lucas. We’re not making any money. It's just for fun. George, please don't sue us. If something shouldn't be here…just let us know…and we’ll remove it.
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