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Fan fiction with alternate names, histories, and happenings for our Imperial men and women is a specialty here at Imperial Chicks.

For stories with a single Imperial canon character as the protagonist, click on the Our Men, Other Imperials, or Troopers and Guards buttons, and choose one of the names (ie: Admiral Piett) from the page links or navigation sub-menus. Most pages for each Imperial officer contains fiction, art, multimedia, and photo sections for their character.

Below are some stories with main characters who are either original or who don’t have their own page yet, along with sagas involving multiple Star Wars canon characters.

Love, Chance and a Galaxy at War, written by Emperor's Fury.
Imperial officers belonging to Thrawn's battle group encounter a ship carrying a mysterious princess and her escort.

ACES, Eights and Rebels, written by Emperor's Fury
With Imperial naval fleet elements engaged in escorting a desperately needed supply convoy, this sequel to "Love, Chance and a Galaxy at War" features the return of resolute Imperial Captain Markas and his oddly named Strike Cruiser…along with some fast-paced fighter combat and all-guns-blazing capital ship engagements. Meanwhile, First Officer Bjarnesson confronts his new - and seriously unsettling - attack squadron leader. (Part IV is linked from the What's New page.)

Vaccen Force, written by Jedi Hunter Command
Admiral Vaccen finds himself keeping order in a tiny outlying corner of the post-Endor Empire, and is he ever needed there! These are really cool stories, but we haven't been able to contact the author to ask if we can archive them here. We’re working on it. So for now, you'll have to read them on TheForce.net message board. Here's the First Story, and the Sequel

The Turning Tide - An Indictment of the New Republic, written by Inari Icewalker
An Imperial-leaning politician from Bakura gives a speech exposing the New Republic and its true past. Our side of The Truce at Bakura!

Battle Hymn of Karin Ka'nesh, written by Siduri
The beautiful courtesan Karin Ka'Nesh attempts to stir up the Imperial troops after Emperor Palpatine's death.

The Revelation, written by Fornarina
A young pilot speaks with Yoda and gains insight about the new Imperial leadership. It's just a young Imperial TIE pilot who has made an emergency landing on Dagobah-- it's not Luke Skywalker!

The PR Man
A funny ficlet about Mr. Halbstraum, a PR man who encourages Tarkin, Piett and Needa to remake their images before meeting with the Earthlings. This turned into a round robin. It was fun! It could have gone somewhere. It might go somewhere yet.

Fan Fiction Featuring an Imperial Canon Character:

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Case for the Empire

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