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Ack! Cover your eyes! Unless you are aged eighteen or older, and are not offended by reading romantic, passionate sex between a man and a woman. If not, may we direct you to more G-rated, family-style venues like starwars.com or theforce.net.

Still here? Well, then...

We Imperial Chicks admit we sometimes get carried away when thinking about our Imperial men. A few of us dare to wander into places where the majority of Star Wars fans dare not go. Most of our adult stories are tame…at least by the standards of what constitutes smut on the internet. The majority of our authors try to keep things light, romantic, and wildly passionate because chicks dig that kind of hot stuff…along with those spiffy uniforms and cool vehicles, of course!

Captain Needa
Adult Fiction

In Liquid Passion and Pretty Boy, a young woman is attracted to Lorth Needa, even though her father is Needa's CO! She recalls how she and Lorth got to know one another...intimately! Need we say more?

Admiral Motti
Adult Fiction

Poise and Elegance
An NC-17 between Motti and his soon-to-be bride.

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Adult Fiction

An Unexpected Bonus
Grand Admiral Thrawn needs negotiators to win over hearts and minds in the Unknown Regions. Using his usual unorthodox tactics, Thrawn sets out to recruit a beautiful lady with the right skill set...and gets a little more than even he had anticipated. Rated NC-17.

Sometime during Dark Force Rising…
The Empire has discovered the Millenium Falcon in orbit above Endor. The ISD Chimaera has just arrived and taken it aboard. Grand Admiral Thrawn grills former Imperial agent Mara Jade about her involvement with the smuggler Karrde and the lost Katana Fleet. Instead of following Jade to Karrde's location, the Grand Admiral sends the ISD Judicator in pursuit. Meanwhile, Thrawn orders the Chimaera to a backwater world under Imperial control so he can consult an old friend.

The Door
Thrawn and an original fictional character (OFC) find themselves accidentally locked in a cell.

Through the Glass
Thrawn/Daala, with an entirely different view of Admiral Daala...and of Thrawn.

The Massaging of Thrawn

All in a Day's Work

Seasonal Changes

The Commandments of Thrawn
Humor by Inari Icewalker, Insane Chiss, and Calli Walli

Thrawn’s personal life isn’t a total blank. Even a Grand Admiral has to go on vacation once in a while; and while he’s relaxing, he meets someone special.

Dirt and Return of Dirt
Extremely amusing story, with some *interesting* illustrations.

There's an adults-only mailing list here.

Admiral Pellaeon
Adult Fiction

A romantic short story revealing a bit of Pellaeon's past as he encounters a woman he used to know.

Gilad's 'friends' scheme to give him a graduation party he'll always remember.

Emperor Palpatine
Adult Fiction

A Logical Ending
It's the night Palpatine has declared himself Emperor. Coruscant’s resident information expert finds herself chained to his bed, and has no idea why.

A Masquerade for Padme (ff.n)
Chancellor Palpatine observes Padme grow up into a beautiful young woman right before his very eyes. His desire for her had always been a secret; until he finally decides to lure her into his venomous grasp by using the one person she loves the most…Anakin.

Additional Adult Fiction Pages Featuring:

Grand Moff Tarkin Admiral Piett General Veers
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