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Angel of the 501st

Angel of the 501st, Part I
Set shortly before ESB, "Angel of the 501st" tells the story of Imperial General Maximilian Veers and his rebellious (literally) son Zevulon as seen through the eyes of Lady Meena Valorian, a loyal Imperial citizen and Force-sensitive healer.

Angel of the 501st, Part II
Max and Meena finally declare their love for one another, but Imperial court intrigue and jealous scheming threatens the couple's future happiness.

The Legend of Nariah
When you're done with Part II, check this out for more backstory on the Sith artifacts that are part of the plot.

Angel of the 501st, Part III
The Battle of Hoth brings glory and tragedy to General Veers as duty takes precedence over his love for Lady Meena and son Zevulon; both of whom are being lead into a dangerous trap by the Imperial Inquisitor Lord Arik Ganner.

Fan Art Inspired by the Angel of the 501st

General Veers doesn't like Agent Ganner's interest in Lady Meena.
Fan Art from Fornarina!
Commander Vola Gabe stands ready to assist Agent Ganner in capturing the fleeing Countess Motti and Lady Meena.
By Fornarina: Countess Motti and Thrawn sharing a quiet conversation.
Lady Meena Valorian is brought before General Maximilian Veers on the planet Nati IV.
By Fornarina: The villainous Sith adept Arik Ganner and his evil pet falcon Aleema.
By Fornarina: General Veers comforts Meena in the aftermath of a Rebel terrorism incident involving the deaths of 501st soldiers.
By Fornarina: Countess Motti is brought before the Emperor in his private Sith Museum.
By Fornarina: Lady Meena with her mouse droid Nibs.
By MGA: Alyce in grief
By MGA: Nariah plays her metaharp to calm Exar Kun.


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