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Why are these Imperial men smiling? Could it be they have finally found women who truly appreciate their sacrifice and loyalty to the Empire?

There was a time when we chicks who thought those so-called “bad guy” Imperials were cool had to keep it to ourselves. Maybe we thought our pro-Rebel friends and the world at large would accuse us of being twisted…or at the very least…a bit strange. Those days are over!

The past ten years has seen a resurgence of Imperial glory. Star Wars fans have come to realize that not all Imperials are evil. Through the efforts of staunch Imperial websites like ours, RPG clubs, literature, and organizations like the fighting 501st Legion, whose spiffily clad members voluntarily appear in fan films, at conventions, openings, book signings, and numerous charity events, we have been able to help dispell the many falsehoods regarding the benevolent New Order.

The Empire shall rise again!

While you await the final victory, enjoy browsing through our Imperial-flavored pages chock full of fan art, fan films, and excerpts from some Star Wars comics that don’t paint all of our men (and women) with the same brush.

To view our collection of Fan Art, go to the Fan Art Gallery.

For a list of Fan Films, go to the Fan Films Page.

Explore comics with an Imperial presence on our Comics Page.

Disclaimer: This Star Wars fan site is not in any way, shape, or form connected with or approved by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees. (Hello…the Imps are the “good guys” here…that should give you a clue.) All Star Wars images and characters belong to the Maker George Lucas. We’re not making any money. It's just for fun. George, please don't sue us. If something shouldn't be here…just let us know…and we’ll remove it.
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