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A listing of fan films that have strong Imperial content.

Broken Allegiance

There are lots of Imperials in this excellent fan film. They're the bad guys, of course, but then they were the bad guys in the Star Wars films, but that didn't stop us from thinking they were cool.

Broken Allegiance Website

Some screenshots from the film:

Can you imagine this shuttle landing in your own back yard? A girl can dream!

Tydirium, The True Story

This fan film has not been released at the time of this writing, but there are some cool production stills and other info on the Tydirium website.

Lots of cute Imp officers to check out! We can hardly wait for the premiere!

Prancer says: "The half-naked blond stormtrooper is really nice eye candy!”


This is the Star Wars fan film that started them all! Watch as the brave Stormtroopers of the Black Sheep Squadron make their daily rounds on the planet Tatooine dealing with assorted scum and villainy…plus a familiar-looking couple whose domestic squabble has gone somewhat awry.

Troops page from theforce.net website

Some screenshots from the film:

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