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The wonderful drawings above are by our talented Russian artist, Fornarina.
More of her work on the Angel of the 501st page.

Illustration by Murasaki (Left)

"Don't remember if I mentioned it, but I finished 'The Great Ewok Adventure' and enjoyed it very much. Sent a review to the author and did a set of silly cartoons and one proper illustration inspired by the scene in one of the last chapters where Mon Mothma sends Admiral Piett off in a most memorable fashion. I've attached that pic for grins."

Above are some HOT drawings of General Veers and Count Dooku by Cmdr. Gabe E.
Click the pictures to go to larger versions located on her website.

Sgt. Crowfield sent us this picture of an RGP character that she drew. What a great-looking guy!

Bio: Yes, Jaz Tarn* (SDA-1501), a stormtrooper commander aboard the ill-fated ISD Annihilator was a pretty boy. Unfortunately he was also too honest and straight-forward for his own good. In short: After relieving a lunatic naval officer named Melkart of his command by shooting him, Tarn was arrested by his own XO.

To prove his loyalty, Tarn volunteered for a suicide mission on Imogu, preventing anti-Imperial Nikto religious fanaticists from causing a meltdown in the planet's core. He saw the only way to prevent the lead terrorist from reaching his goal was to distract him in a crucial moment - which unfortunately resulted in his own demise because the Nikto ran him through with a vibroblade.

Oh, well...at least Commander Tarn died a hero.

Right: Siduri's photoshopped Catherine Zeta Jones for her story The Battle Hymn of Karin Ka'nesh.

For more of Siduri's work, see:
Rufus Sewell as Armand Isard 1
Rufus Sewell as Armand Isard 2
Christina Ricci as a young Ysanne Isard

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