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How can we Imperial Chicks resist rushing out to the nearest comic shop when there's something like this! Check out Dark Horse Comics' "The Wrong Side of the War" and "My Brother, My Enemy" series, featuring the hunky Imperial officer Lieutenant Janek Sunber!

Here’s Lt. Sunber…out of uniform. There was some text about him wrestling with his conscience about something or other. (OK…he’s Rebel terrorist Luke Skywalker’s old childhood chum “Tank.” He and Luke took separate career paths.) Blitzen photoshopped it out of there because she felt an Imperial hottie like him shouldn't be lying in his regulation underwear worrying about unimportant stuff! We agree. Lt. Sunber needs a nice massage to help work out all the tension in those muscles…and then be given something far more pleasant to think about.

Lt. Sunber decides to do the right thing and confess about his old friendship with Skywalker to Lord Vader aboard the ICS Executor. Here he is being escorted to Vader’s meditation chamber by Admiral Ozzel, royal guards, and stormtroopers.

Here’s Lt. Sunber…in his uniform, with the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader used as a stunning backdrop. You can’t get any cooler than that! (This cover gives us Imp Chicks hope that Sunber won’t wimp out by joining the Rebel Alliance!)

And just on the off chance that by the end of the series, Lt. Sunber turns traitor, (we really should start a petition to Dark Horse begging them to keep the guy Imperial!) we have this subplot of an incredibly hot romance between Rebel spy Deena Shan and Lt. Sunber’s CO, Captain Kale Roshuir, to console us with!
Deena and Captain Roshuir
Rebel spy Deena Shan looks very satisfied and Imperial Captain Kale Roshuir looks very buff.
Deena's Dilemma
A conflicted Deena is concerned that her Imperial lover might get killed by her Rebel friends...Yeah, he was that good!
The Confrontation
A very angry Captain Kale Roshuir has survived the Rebel’s deadly trap to confront a rather sad and obviously guilt-ridden Deena…Yeah, he was that good!
Deena's Rescue
Poor Deena! At least her Imp lover isn’t dead. Maybe she and Roshuir will meet again and come to an understanding…back in the Captain’s quarters!
It's A Trap!
Deena, dressed in a chic (for the Alliance) black leather and plasteel number, but obviously having a bad hair and nose day, has managed to find herself (along with Luke Skywalker) walking into an Imperial trap to rescue the "defecting" Lt. Sunber.
Deena runs into her former lover Captain Roshuir. Normally, we Imperial Chicks would relish such a reunion, but Kale doesn't look too happy...and poor Deena is in desperate need of a makeover by an artist who can draw her in a more flattering light.

Hopefully, Captain Roshuir will come to realize that Deena is truly in love with him, despite her previous betrayal; and this little special ops jaunt with Luke Skywalker is not what it seems.

Oh, and if any of you Dark Horse people happen to stumble upon this page, please don't sue us. We're just using these comic excerpts (under fair use) to illustrate some points:

Please keep our Imperial men...Imperial! We implore you: No more defections to the Rebel Alliance...it's been done so many times before! And don't let poor Deena Shan get what's coming to her...unless it's a romantic ending with the Imperial man of her dreams.

UPDATE: We Imperial Chicks couldn't wait (or look!) for Dark Horse to give Kale and Deena a happily-ever-after conclusion to their rather muddled relationship, so MGA, one of our talented fanfic writers came up with an adults-only story entitled The Alliance.

Disclaimer: This Star Wars fan site is not in any way, shape, or form connected with or approved by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees. (Hello…the Imps are the “good guys” here…that should give you a clue.) All Star Wars images and characters belong to the Maker George Lucas. We’re not making any money. It's just for fun. George, please don't sue us. If something shouldn't be here…just let us know…and we’ll remove it.
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